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What is a Albuterol inhaler?
Being a beta-agonist bronchodilator, Albuterol inhaler is mainly used for treating airway illnesses, predominantly asthma. It can also serve as a preventive for breathing problems that may be caused by exercise and other physical activities.

Vertalin main components – Albuterol – affects airways, i.e. smooth muscles, by relaxing them. As a result, air freely gets into and out of lungs making the breathing process easier.

Who is Albuterol Indicated For?
Albuterol inhaler is indicated for patients with asthma and other breathing problems. It can also be used for preventive purposes. Some sportsmen use Albuterol to prevent possible breathing problems during their workouts.

How Should I Use Albuterol Inhaler?
Albuterol inhaler may turn from an effective medicine into a useless one, if used improperly. So, consult with a medical specialist about how to use the inhaler before. Here are some general recommendations concerning Albuterol way of administration, dosage and schedule.

1. Albuterol comes with an inhaler. The medicine is administered orally.

2. Avoid spraying Albuterol in your eyes. If, nevertheless, the liquid gets into your eyes, rinse them carefully with warm water.

3. Before you are able to use Albuterol for the first time or if you haven’t used it for more than 14 days or you have dropped the vial, you should prime the inhaler. When doing this, the inhaler should be faced away from you and other people around you. Make 4 sprays. Before each of them, give the canister a good shake. Always make 2 sprays before using the inhaler if you have not used it for 4 days already.

4. Before using Albuterol inhaler make certain that the canister is reliably fixed in the inhaler frame. Give the inhaler a good shake. To make sure that there are no foreign particles in the liquid remove the protective cover from the mouthpiece. Make a slow and complete exhalation. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and make your tongue flat. Attention! Your doctor may have told you to spray the liquid 2-3 cm away from your open mouth or make use of a spacing device. Begin taking a deep breath slowly and concurrently press the mouthpiece and the canister. You’ll feel a dose of the inhaler liquid getting in your mouth. Keep on pressing for about 10 seconds as you take a deep and slow breath. Then make a slow exhalation so that the air comes out of your nose or through pursed lips. If your treatment requires more than one inhalation, take a one-minute break between inhalations. Then repeat what is written above.

5. The cover and a plastic mouthpiece should be cleaned at least weekly so that the mouthpiece channel can’t be blocked. When removed the metal canister should be rinsed under the weak stream of warm water during about half a minute. Then all the parts of the inhaler (a mouthpiece, a cover and a metal canister) should completely dry up before they are used the next time. Remount the canister. Make a spray to prime the inhaler. Replace the cover on the mouthpiece.

6. If no liquid sprays out of the inhaler, check it for possible blockage.

7. You can make about two hundred sprays from one inhaler. The further administration after 200 sprays may be insufficient or even useless because there may be no enough medicine left.

8. When you use Albuterol, you also buy a unique mouthpiece that can’t be substituted for a similar one.

9. Your doctor is your advisor throughout the treating process. Don’t give up your treatment unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Take it into account before you use Albuterol.

10. If you have any questions concerning the use of Ventolin, you can pose them to your doctor or any other medical specialist.

What Should I Do If I have Missed the Dose?
Use a missed dose as soon as there is a possibility. If you are about to use a dose according to your schedule, don’t use the missed one. It is not recommended to take 2 doses at once or with little intervals in between.

How Should I Store Albuterol?
Before you use Albuterol you should provide proper storing conditions to make your treatment as safer as possible. The optimal storing temperature for Albuterol is 15-25 C. Don’t let the liquid freeze. There is pressure inside the inhaler. Use the inhaler and store it far away from open fire or direct sunlight. Always place a protective cover on the mouthpiece no to let the liquid flow out. Don’t use the medicine after it expires.

What Are Albuterol Side Effects?
Before you use Albuterol, you should realize that the medicine may bring on some side effects. The most common of them are dry mouth and objectionable taste in your mouth. Careful rinsing of your mouth will help you get rid of both effects.

You can use Albuterol inhaler if you want to bring your asthma under complete control. Albuterol is on sale at our online pharmacy. Buying Albuterol is the quickest and most convenient way to get your weapon against breathing illnesses.

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